Friday, 26 October 2012

Wooden Morgan: 1950 DHC - Week 9

Time to pretty it up a bit.

First glue on the radiator:

And sand the rad smooth with the bonnet.

Install the bonnet hinge.

Put in the Trafficators.

The louvers are cut from a strip of 1/16" x 9/16" Black Walnut exposing 1/16" to be shaped. Make them a squeese fit and an elastic band is all the clamp needed during gluing.

I have both left hand and right hand angled carving blades that made short work of rounding the leading sides of the louvers.

After sanding and working the tops and bottoms with a micro file the louvers are looking good.

I did the chrome side trims in four pieces each; bonnet, scuttle, door, and rear panel.  The Hop Hornbeam is very flexible so I got the curve at the rear by simply pressing the strip into the rear curve and bending down as I pressed the rest of it into place.  On the door, which starts the taper to the front, I made a couple of shallow cuts with a hack saw on the back of the trim to let it flex more easily.  The 2x4 side cutoffs were used in the clamps to press the trim tight while the glue set.

The lumber beside the car is for the scuff guards on the wings and the dowels are for the windscreen pillars.

Oh, and there is another spot of the punky centre to fill on the left front wing.

Check List Update


- Cut outlines of the doors and the bonnet.
- Do a wood inlay of some Hop Hornbeam for the bonnet hinge.
- Do a wood inlay of some Hop Hornbeam for the side trim.
- Bonnet louvers
- Trafficators

To Do:

- Bonnet catch knobs
- Door handles
- Wind screen pillars
- Wind screen frame
- Head lights
- Hub caps
- Gas and rad caps
- Spare hold down
- Steering wheel (top that shows above the door)
- ? Morgan wings badge for the radiator?

- Assemble body, headlights, door handles, gas and rad caps, bonnet knobs, and wings
- Router off under the wings.
- Round off edges of wings.
- Apply Tung Oil finish.
- Install wheels and spares.

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