Saturday, 3 November 2012

Wooden Morgan: 1950 DHC - Week 10

Most of my time this week was spent making 'extra fine' saw dust.  I do not want to have to squeeze the extra fine sand paper into all the sharp angles after assembly so I did it now. 

The wings were first, after plugging the punky centre, then I could  insert the scuff guards.  These were blackened using some Black Walnut stain on the Black Walnut wood.

I did some more cuts with the "V" chisel to outline the folded away hood (top).  Spent a couple of days sanding with 220 grit then I put in the bonnet catch handles.

Now I'm ready to glue on the wings.  I cleaned out the dowel holes along the lower edge of the wings and cut a three-wheeler spoke dowel into lengths to fit.

When the glue was dry I routered out a notch 3/16" high, 3/4" in under the wings and 1/2" in at the rear.

To make the slot in the windscreen pillars I made a jig to hold the little pieces.  A V cut along a piece of 1/2" pine with a hole for the router bit in the centre.

While I was using the drill press I also drilled a hole to take the rad cap.

I tried blackening the tires with the Black Walnut stain. (A home brew from Black Walnut husks and household ammonia cleaner.)  But it does not penetrate very much, a little rubbing with steel wool and it's gone. Maybe just use a marker pen...

I had to see how it is going to look:

Check List Update


- Cut outlines of the doors and the bonnet.
- Do a wood inlay of some Hop Hornbeam for the bonnet hinge.
- Do a wood inlay of some Hop Hornbeam for the side trim.
- Bonnet louvers
- Trafficators
- Wing scuff guards
- Bonnet catch knobs
- Router off under the wings.
- Round off edges of wings.
- Glue on the wings
- Router off under the wings.
- Round off edges of wings.

In progress:

- Wind screen pillars

To Do:

- Smooth the line under the wings
- Door handles
- Wind screen frame
- Head lights
- Hub caps
- Gas and rad caps
- Spare hold down
- Steering wheel (top that shows above the door)
- ? Morgan wings badge for the radiator?
- Blacken tires.
- Apply Tung Oil finish.
- Install wheels and spares.

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