Saturday, 10 November 2012

Wooden Morgan: 1950 DHC - Week 11

    I blackened the tires with a black marker pen. Spinning the tires on the electric drill while marking gave me nice smooth lines at the rims.

    The body got sanded under the wings to smooth the transition to the flat section under the doors and remove wavers in the router cuts.  I also shaped the leading edge of rear wing where it goes down behind the tail of the front wing.

    I decided it would be easier to put in the steering wheel before the windscreen.  I made it from a piece of Black Walnut an eighth inch thick, cutting out a semi-circle of radius 11/16".  To get the smaller segment with the angled base for the steering wheel itself I made a holder by cutting a 31 degree angled slot across a piece of 1 by. I cut the wheel by wedging the semi circle in the slot with 3/8" showing and guiding the dovetail saw by pressing it against the block. 

    Sanding around the steering wheel revealed some deep tool marks in front of the folded hood area, meaning lots more sanding...

    I cut three more 1/16" thick pieces of Hop Hornbeam to complete the windscreen frame.  Then with toes crossed (I needed my fingers.) I glued on the windscreen and frame.

    I finally made use of a scraper my dad gave me many, many years ago, to square the windscreen pillars and get their sides flush with the side of the body.  It cuts slowly but can be controlled to prevent scratching the side of the car.  Then more sanding to blend the lines together.

    Next I turned rad and gas caps from Hop Hornbeam in the electric drill using a file, sanded them and glued them in place.

    The bases of the door handles were made the same way.  Then I cut a slot for the handle grip with the help of a jig with a 1/8" hole drilled down in the centre of a cut made with the dove tail saw.

    The handle grips are cut from left over radiator grill pieces.  After they were glued I sanded and filed them until I was happy with the shape.

    Last thing this week was to start working on the spare hold-down.  The part that clamps onto the tires was made from a scrap of the Hop Hornbeam, drilled in the centre to take a 5/64" dowel and then band sawed, chiseled, filed and sanded into shape.  I still need to make the part that screws onto the top of the hold-down.

The big chunk of Hop Hornbeam beside the car in the picture is earmarked to become hub caps and head lights.  And the body just needs a last check-over before applying the Tung oil.

To Do List Update:


- Cut outlines of the doors and the bonnet.
- Do a wood inlay of some Hop Hornbeam for the bonnet hinge.
- Do a wood inlay of some Hop Hornbeam for the side trim.
- Bonnet louvers
- Trafficators
- Wing scuff guards
- Bonnet catch knobs
- Router off under the wings.
- Round off edges of wings.
- Glue on the wings
- Router off under the wings.
- Round off edges of wings.
- Blacken tires.
- Smooth the line under the wings
- Steering wheel (top that shows above the door)
- Wind screen pillars
- Wind screen frame
- Gas and rad caps
- Door handles

In progress:

- Spare hold down

To Do:

- Head lights
- Parking lights
- Tail lights? (some do not have any in the pictures)
- Hub caps
- ? Morgan wings badge for the radiator?
- Apply Tung Oil finish.
- Install wheels and spares.

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