Monday, 24 December 2012

Morgans in 3D!!!

A little automotive eye candy for Christmas.

When I was photographing the Mogs at the Britsh Car Day in Bronte Park last September the auto focus flashed a warning when I took a picture of one of the yellow Morgans in the row, so I shifted position a little and took a second.  Both turned out well and I wondered if they would make a good stereoscopic pair.  They do.  Cross your eyes slightly and you will see.  The people in the background moved a little so looking at them is a little discordant.

 If you have trouble getting the effect in the above picture, get two cards or envelopes. Hold a card in each hand.  Hold the right hand card so it blocks your right eye's view of the right hand image but you can see the left image OK.  Hold up the left card beside the right so it blocks the left eye's view of the left image.  Now adjust the cards so each eye can still see the opposite side image.  Now look at the middle of the gap between the cards, this will cause the screen images to merge.  Pick a spot in the image, like the windscreen pillar or a head light, and try to get the two images of that spot to overlap exactly. You may need to tilt you head at little to one side or the other to get the images to line up. Your eyes should come into focus on the screen image in a few seconds.

If you have a pair of the common red/blue 3D glasses:

Or a pair of the blue/amber 3D glasses the CBC was giving away a couple of years ago for their 3D show about Queen Elizabeth II.

I know that this isn't a Morgan but its owner Al Sands is a Morgan owner, so here is his Cadillac powered Allard in 3D:

Red/Blue anaglyph

Blue/Amber anaglyph

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