Friday, 7 December 2012

Wooden Morgan: 1950 DHC - Week 15

This will wrap it up for my weekly progress reports.  It looks like I'll be spending the next few weeks trying to get the finish looking good.  I'm getting a lot of hazy areas and not just in the corners where I've learned to expect it with tung oil.


Al suggested I should not be applying the tung oil with a brush, as that puts on too much.  So I am applying it now with pieces of felt from a buffing disk, focusing on just the front right wing.  The haze there is thinning.  The vertical face of the wing had a hazy patch just behind the wheel well which is gone now after four days, but at this rate it will take a week or more to remove the haze from all of the wing.  The whole job will likely take until the new year.

Now with this only taking 15 to 20 minutes of my time each day, I have several ideas percolating through my brain for the next project. 
< Another 3 wheeler, barrel back with Matchless or JAP engine.

< Or the rare one, a +4+

 (thanks for the picture JHSII)

< My 1959 +4 with the high body style.  I have a virtual model:

(If you have a pair of blue/amber(or yellow) 3D glasses this is a stereoscopic picture.)

< Revisit the +8 with wider 40 spoke wheels:

< 4 seater

< Use some different coloured woods, vera wood can get a green colour when exposed to sun light. i.e. BRG without paint.
Or two tone...
So many Morgans to choose from.

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