Sunday 4 March 2012

Steve Plunkett's 2012 Fleetwood Cruise

He's doing it again! Steve Plunkett is hosting possibly the largest cruise event in North America and possibly the world. More than 3500 antique cars are expected to fill Plunkett's backyard Saturday, June 2nd.

The night before Frank Valli and the Four Seasons will entertain and Saturday evening there will be dinner with entertainment provided by Paul Revere and the Raiders. As in years past, Amphicars will be providing rides across the backyard pond.

For more info, check the Fleetwood Cruize-In link.

If the club is interested in this event, please contact:

Ken and Judy Wightman

Southwestern Ont. May run in question


Hair: running late Apr. to early May
The voting for a date is in and confusion won. It seems some club members have commitments which are ruling out a Saturday date. It has been suggested that we move the date to a Friday in order to take in Hair. Unfortunately, Friday may be an option only for retired members; It may be out for the nine to five Morgan folk.

Once we are willing to consider a Friday, why not consider an earlier weekday. We might pick up some better prices, if we did.  I am considering Tues., May 1 through to Fri., May 4. Note: Hair starts at 7:30 p.m. during the week and 8:00 p.m on Fridays.

E-mail me, give me your thoughts, leave me with some options. I'll try and come up with an excursion that satisfies all at the best price.

Good tickets to Hair in the center balcony run about $60 for those 65 and older. If we buy ten tickets as a group, we should get all the tickets for about that price. There is a 20 percent group discount. (You cannot combine discounts.)

For a place to stay, the Holiday Inn and Suites is $80 and the Four Points Sheraton London is $100. Both are close to the 401/Wellington Road interchange.

With enough club interest and a definite date, I'd try and get us a similar deal closer to downtown but I make no promises. It would depend upon availability of rooms, I am sure.

My suggested itinerary:
  • Meet at eleven at Cora's near Ancaster. Grab a bite and hit the road for London. Let me know what day or day works for you: May 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th with the accent on one of the first three.
  • Travel as a group from Ancaster to London, reaching London around four.
  • Stay at either the Holiday Inn and Suites or Four Points Sheraton London.
  • Dinner at Ken and Judy's around 5 p.m. I could post a simple menu to ensure everyone is pleased. Leave directly for the theatre from the Wightman's.
  • That night the group takes in the evening performance of Hair at The Grand Theatre.
  • The next day the club could have a short run, similar to last year, stopping at both Winter Wheat and Pinecroft if desired. This has been requested by some club members. It might be possible to have the lady artist who runs Winter Wheat meet with the club members. She does this at times. The question is: Will she be home?
Angelo's lasagna
I believe I can serve a good, quick dinner for everyone, assuming the numbers are not too large, and then get all on their way to The Grand in record time.

I'm not a chef, oh am I not a chef, but I can bake an oven ready dish. I'm proposing to serve a dinner of simple appetizers, salad, and two types of lasagna --- a vegetarian one and a beef one. Both versions of lasagna would come from Angelo's, a well respected, locally owned and operated bakery/deli in London.

There are two LCBO's near my home.

Comments or Suggestions

If anyone has any comments or suggestions, please contact me directly:

Ken and Judy Wightman