Saturday 24 September 2011

F2 at Barker memorial-with 1935 YOM plates
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Pictures from the recent William Barker memorial at Mt Pleasant cemetary. Took the F2 Super(AKA Martin's F2) to the ceremony to recognize that Albert Ball VC (England's top WW1 ace) owned a Morgan before his untmely death over the Somme. He and Barker would have been well acquainted.
That , and the fact that I had an invitation as a Toronto Port Authority director, got me past the crowds and parked near the podium. The F2 juxtaposed nicely with the 2 WW1 planes in the flypast. Also a CF18

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Friday 23 September 2011

"Showing my Colours" at the Perth Kilt Run

Last July I donned my Morgan T-shirt and the required kilt to
participate in the Perth Kilt Run. I'm in training to beat my 48 minute
time for 5 miles next year.

Thursday 8 September 2011

Wow, Looks good Dave. let me know this was posted. Colin

Wooden Three Wheeler Wheels

After measuring the wheels on Dave Smith's three wheeler I adjusted the POVray code to give me three views of wheel blanks without shaping the rim and tire. And I added text to report the measurements and angles.

With the calculations of measurements and angles available the next step was to design a jig to hold the wheel discs while the spoke holes are drilled.

Wooden New Three Wheeler

First step was to build it on the computer with POVray.  Here is the central chassis member, a front cross frame, three wheels and axle pins, and an engine.
 The body will be made of two parts. The lower part has vertical sides so it will be a simple cut on the band saw.  Only the upper part will need shaping.
Here is the rough cut body shape with an attempt at an S&S X-Wedge engine.